Automatic Cropping Machine

The Foodmate Cropping Machine is a stainless steel constructed, automatic crop remover. Each unit is fitted with a special cropping head, which passes through the bird. The units are chain driven by a separate motor and cropper heads are cleaned by a rotating motor-driven brush. The machine is driven by the overhead conveyor.

Key Benefit:
• Allows for a maximum of 9,000 birds per hour

Technical Specifications

• Stainless steel frame and motor
• Motor (IP66) power is 0,75 kW,
  1500 rpm
• Units: 16 or 24
• Pitch: 6" or 8"
• Rotation: CW/CCW
• Conveyor type:
- Pipe
- T-track
• Machine dimensions:
- Length: 2195 mm (units 16)
                 2590 mm (units 24)
- Width:   1600 mm (units 16)
                 2000 mm (units 24)
- Height:  2840 mm
- Weight: approx.   850 kg (units 16)
                 approx. 1200 kg (units 24)


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