Foodmate Polska

November 1st 2017

Today, Foodmate is proud to announce the official opening of its Polish subsidiary Foodmate Polska.

“The Polish entity has been established in order to serve our Polish customers 24-7” says David Hazenbroek (president of Foodmate B.V.). “Poland has become the largest poultry market in Europe and is still growing. Poland is a crucial market for Foodmate with a significant growth potential.” 

Besides offering local services, the Polish subsidiary will be responsible for the sales and aftersales. Foodmate Polska will also serve the surrounding countries.

Mr. Jerry Stepien has been appointed as director of Foodmate Polska. “It is a great pleasure to start-up and lead Foodmate Polska” says Jerry. “Since 6 years I am already responsible for the sales activities in Poland. As the industry is growing and the customer demand is rising we need to provide local service. In the future we also want to extend our warehouse inventory in order to provide parts to our customers at any time.”



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Foodmate Polska

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