The Ultimate Whole Leg Deboner

The Foodmate ULTIMATE Whole Leg Deboner marks the introduction of a new generation of poultry deboning equipment, bringing a combination of durable mechanics and cutting-edge technology in automation ensuring the highest possible yields. The ULTIMATE offers the flexibility of configuration in a left, right or a combination of left and right execution.
The new ULTIMATE Whole Leg Deboner uses an X-ray measuring system to precisely measure each leg, using this data the machine automatically adjusts for each leg in real-time at a speed of 6,000 legs per hour. The X-ray allows the machine to cut at surgical precision around the knee joint, leaving the kneecap attached to the bone ensuring very high yields and minimum labor during trimming.
The specially designed integrated J-Cut unit makes a precise cut along the bone without damaging the meat or the bone; reducing stress on the bone during meat stripping, simplifying final inspection and allowing for good presentation. 

Working principle:

Hanging area
At the hanging area, there is sufficient space for 3 operators to hang whole legs. The specially developed shackle ensures easy loading to accommodate a capacity of 6,000 legs per hour. Depending on the configuration, the system is suitable for only left legs, only right legs or a combination of both.

Leg positioning system
To make sure that the legs are positioned in a proper way (horizontal and vertical) the legs first proceed through the leg positioning system.

X-ray measurement system
This patented X-ray measurement system accurately measures the position of the kneecap and the length of the drum and thigh bone. The information gathered by the X-ray is then transferred to the automatic adjusting system, ensuring a precise cut along the kneecap.

J-cut station
To ensure optimal deboning, the leg must be cut along the drum and thigh bone. A specially designed unit makes a precise cut along the bone without damaging the meat or the bone.

Drum tendon cutting station
A horizontal moving device will cut the drum tendons leaving the pin bone attached to the drum bone.

Height adjustment station
Based on the X-ray data, this station will automatically adjust the height of the shackle to ensure a proper kneecap cut.

Drum scraping unit
The first deboning step is the deboning of the drumstick part of the leg. The deboning takes place by means of the specially designed scraping unit that ensures optimal yield without damage to the meat or the bone.

Knee-joint cutting station
The combination of X-ray and height adjustment, allows the knee-joint cutting station to cut the tendons precisely around the kneecap, ensuring a high yield and keep the kneecap attached to the leg bone.

Thigh scraping
By using the same scraper mechanism as used for the drum bone, this unit provides high yield with no damages to the thigh bone.

Meat cutting station
The meat cutting station cuts the meat just underneath the thigh bone to ensure the least possible meat remains on the bone.

Bone unloading station
The bone is unloaded from the shackle and returns to the hanging area to be reloaded.

Final Product
Exceptional yields; appearance of the end-product is equal or superior to manual operation, meeting the highest quality
requirements for diverse food applications.

Key Benefits:
• Unmatched yields
• Automatic J-cut station
• User-friendly Control Panels
• Provides significant labor savings
• Output speed of 6,000 Legs per hour
• Hanging options for left, right or a combination of left and right execution
• X-ray measurement system provides:
  - Precise cutting 
  - Kneecap detector
  - Individual sizing for each leg
  - Automatic shackle adjustment

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Technical Specifications

• Stainless steel frame and food 
   authorized motor
• Motor power: (IP66) 12 kW
• Air supply: dry compressed air,
                    min. 6 Bar
• Air consumption: 21 m3/hr
• Water consumption (prod.):   7 l/hr 
• Water consumption (clean): 13 m3/ hr
• Machine Dimensions:
- Length:           11675 mm 
- Width:              2545 mm 
- Height:             2740 mm
- Weight:  approx. 7500 kg


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