ES-2.0 Electronic Stunner

The ES-2.0 Electronic Stunner utilizes a new method that eliminates the incidence of internal bruises, broken bones or incomplete bleeding in birds, inconveniences that often occur as a result of inadequate systems of electrical discharge. In addition to delivering an attractive appearance to birds, which impresses even the most demanding clients, the ES-2.0 Stunner also speeds up slaughtering tasks. Slaughter plants that process upwards of 40,000 birds daily and deal with various clients and suppliers will soon achieve higher levels of productivity by using the ES-2.0.

Exclusive benefits offered by the ES-2.0 Electronic Stunner

• New ICAS system for the individual  control of amperage per bird
• Both AC and DC to deliver humane slaughtering
• Flexible, user-friendly settings
• Bird counter

Research and innovation generate a more efficient system

The ES-2.0 method is the result of detailed research demonstrating that only an adequate combination of high frequency and low voltage can yield the desired wave form. Working through the new ICAS® system, the stunner becomes even more flexible, individually adjusting the current for each bird. Such combination offers improved stunning and does not cause further damage to the birds other than a disorder of their nervous system. The new system featured in the ES—2.0 offers the biggest number of set-up options in the market. This allows your company the flexibility to make major or minor adjustments in the system, thus making it possible to create a specific system to perfectly fit your slaughtering conditions.

Improved processing, higher yields

When operated accordingly, the ES-2.0 system makes deboning easier. Bruise-free meat is tender, lighter, and does not stick to the bones, which makes meat removal faster. Users of G.A. stunners have reported retention of 5 to 10 grams per bird of the meat previously lost as a result of bruises and broken bones, especially in the breast area.
• Bruise-free meat
• Reduction of ruptured blood vessels
• Tender, lighter meat that does not stick to the bones
• Easier deboning
• Higher meat yields per bird


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