Pluimveeverwerking Gebr. Heijs B.V.

The Heijs company is located in the North of The Netherlands and has become a key player in the fast food markets such as KFC. In 2010 Foodmate installed the first KFC cut-up line in The Netherlands at the Heijs Hauwlerwijk location and in the middle of 2012 Heijs decided to purchase a second machine for their Leek location.

It took a long time to become a preferred and respected KFC supplier. For a long time we doubted if using automation to cut according to KFC specifications would not affect our reputation. But since we decided to install a 9 piece cut up system from Foodmate our KFC business has only grown. “One of the main contributing parts to our success with KFC is the Foodmate 9 piece cut up system”,says Mr. Jan Jaap Hamming of the Heijs company. We never expected the KFC market to grow this fast and that we would need a second 9 piece cut up system within two years. The new cut up system at Heijs in Leek is a so called “Combi Line”, which means that in addition to producing KFC 9 piece, the line can also cut anatomical whole legs. This allows Heijs to produce more products in the same space at minimal additional investment.

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