Foster Farms

In 2016, Foodmate delivered and installed one of the largest cut-up, grading and whole bird distribution systems installed by an american processor. The entire project consisted of six (6) OPTI Flow Flex Cut-up lines comprised of 1.2 miles of overhead conveyor and 6,200 cut-up shackles. The system can process a stunning 37,800 birds per hour.

Responsibly Raised

Animal Welfare

Foster Farms® fresh chicken is independently audited and certified by the American Humane Association. We also follow the animal welfare guidelines set forth by the National Chicken Council and the National Turkey Federation and have been instrumental in helping to advance animal welfare in the poultry industry.
Foster Farms is audited numerous times each year by independent third-party auditors at the request of retailers and food service customers to ensure animal welfare standards. The audits take place at the company’s hatchery, ranches and processing facilities.
Foster Farms’ employee animal welfare training program is one of the most comprehensive in the poultry industry. Employees are required to abide by the company’s animal welfare policies and any inappropriate treatment of the birds we raise can result in termination.
As a best practice, Foster Farms is committed to continuous improvement of its animal welfare program and consults with an Animal Welfare Advisory Board consisting of leading academic experts in the field.

Foster Farm Plants

Foster Farms’ processing plants are a critical part of our dedication to producing the highest-quality, safest poultry products. They are among the most modern and technologically advanced processing operations in the nation. Our plants close daily for a complete four- to six-hour sanitization process verified by the USDA. Our fresh poultry is minimally processed, which means it is handled only as necessary to clean it and make it ready for you to buy. USDA inspectors are on-site at our plants through all phases of operation and perform ongoing inspection of our products and facilities. Foster Farms maintains a comprehensive Food Safety program and is committed to leading the poultry industry.

The Foodmate Flex Line

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