Embalaje Lavadora


- For washing crates with an open bottom;
- Supply includes detergent and disinfectant dispenser;
- Cleaning cycle includes pre-washing, cleaning, disinfecting and rinsing based on the 
   contamina- tion resulting from broiler transport;
- The crate must be clean before the chickens are transported and must be cleaned immediately 
   after use;
- In stainless steel execution with conveyor chain of synthetic material;
- Digital water temperature indicator;
- Max. capacity: 550 crates/hr; length: 6 metres;
- Heating of cleansing water by means of hot water tube coil;

Hot water : depends on capacity of washer

Installed power : depends on capacity of washer


Maxima 2.0 AWR

La Maxima 2.0 destaca la última tecnología en el deshuesado de carne de pechuga.  ...

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